I recently Installed Cloudflare on Site But it is showing "Your connection is not private" When I open Site

I recently Installed Cloudflare on Site( [http://landmarkcredit.com] ) But it is showing “Your connection is not private” WHen I open ite

It’s because your Certificate is Invalid, there’s this error message:

This server could not prove that it is landmarkcredit.com ; its security certificate is from *.prod.iad2.secureserver.net . This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

Please re-check your Keys.

Can you guide" where can i check the keys?

Go to the Crypto section of Cloudflare and grab your Keys. Install/set them on your server where you did the ones that are Invalid. You just have the Keys wrong or missing.

where are the keys in Crypto?

Now it is showing " This page isn’t working"

Go to Origin Certificates and click Download. That should give you the Keys or information you’re looking for the authenticate your Certificate. I’d give you a link but it’s seeded to my domain.

Are you getting a message @umarrocky saying too many redirects after “isn’t working”? If so, can you enable Always use HTTPS on the SSL/TLS app?

Yes, i changed it to Always use Https but it is still showing "isn’t working". and it is in Flexible mode

This issue is usually caused by a .htaccess using ModRewrite or you have scripts that send you to other websites that “cycle” the loops forever OR it’s that your IPs are mixed up somewhere. Try the “:orange:” on the DNS?

It is all orange in DNS

+1 agree, can you check your origin server for redirects?

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From where? Can you guide?

We can guide you to the best of our advantage but at some point you’re going to have to dig around inside of the code you have (your website) and find where the loop is.

Do you have any re-directions in your index (landing page)?

Yes may b

Find it, that’s your problem because your Cloudflare Certificate is Valid so Cloudflare has done it’s job. Your issue is internal.

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Hi @umarrocky, good details about what I think you’re up against here, https://blog.Cloudflare.com/flexible-ssl-wordpress-fixing-mixed-content-errors/.

Next, to check for a redirect, check out this article, https://www.chrislatta.org/articles/web/curl/track-redirects-curl-command-line and in a terminal window, enter this command, replace example.com with your domain"

curl -s -L -D - http://example.com/ -o /dev/null -w '%{url_effective}'

I suspect that command will flood the screen, press Ctrl-C to stop it.

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I just tried this command for him on my side to help him diagnose the errors and it’s saying his domain in general (the landing page) is his loop (I suspect). So, it’s obvious to us two now (I’m sure you knew) that it’s inside of his code. I hope you find it, @umarrocky.

Also, why did you roll back to the Invalid SSL Certificate?


Because it it causing more problem, can you guide me to remove it from this site?

The loop?