I recently enabled Argo Tiered Cache and my site was not accessible

So, I read about Argo Tiered Cache and tried to enable it on my website, but as soon as I enabled it after a few minutes my website was inaccessible, I even tried to check my servers but everything was fine, and in running state. So, I then tried to disable it and after a few minutes, my site was back again.

The shocking thing was my google analytics was still showing new visitors coming on the website in real-time. But when I was trying to access it, it wasn’t accessible. So, I think maybe for some regions it was down? or I don’t know what happened.

So, is there something I am missing here about Argo Tiered Cache or this is an issue?

I’ve not had any issues with Argo Tiered Caching. I’m not sure how it it could affect an existing site, as it should not come into play for dynamic content.

Are you sure it wasn’t a local issue? Did you try any global tests such as fastorslow.com?