I recently changed my theme from Astra to Kadence

Hi there,
I recently changed my wordpress theme from Astra to Kadence for and I could not enable the sidebar. It is there but does not seem to show up on my category pages and blog posts pages.

Also the menu on my header that looks like 3 lines I actually would like to put it inline tabs. can you help me with that?

Can you please help to enable this for me as my affiliate links are all there.

Thank you

Theivaa Gnanantham

Sorry to say, but this is not Wordpress support. Please write that, to the developers of your new theme “Kadence”.

Hi I contacted Bluehost and they said my site is with Cloudflare and any changes they make over there may not reflect on my site. it is footballfairy dot com

Do you have a dashboard account here where you added your domain?

It is not added here as it is pending because my site is with ezoic under their nameserver

I have tried to add but it is showing pending because the nameserver if I change to Cloudflare then my monetization for displaying ads will be interupted

So i don’t know what to do now

Sounds like Bluehost sent you in the wrong direction.

Best to check with Ezoic, then. They use Cloudflare, so it may be a configuration problem with how Ezoic set up your site.

Bluehost is the worst and I still have 2 more years of hosting with them. Sick.

I did not even know I had to add my site to Cloudflare here on dashboard because after I integrated with ezoic that is when I got to know all. Anyway I added my second site here already makerandbeyond dot com

I am really having a hard time with them though they do respond but could not solve this things :smiling_face_with_tear:

You shouldn’t have to do that. It sounds like your site is hosted at Bluehost, and your Cloudflare configuration is handled by Ezoic. There’s nothing else you need to do, other than get Ezoic to help you with your layout issue.

Alright, I just put up a ticket. I hope Ezoic will be able to help me.

Thank you anyway

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