I received an email retademark infringement complaint

You can reach out to the reporter - their email address and telephone number is available in the email.

Cloudflare cannot assist here - they have just forwarded the complaint onto you. Consult with a lawyer on how to proceed if necessary.

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Will there be any problems with my website?

Reports such as this are forwarded onto your hosting provider - they may take action, but that is up to them.

In this case, what can Cloudflare do with my website?

What is the first step I should solve?

As Kian said, you should contact the Marlboro representative who issued this complaint. Their email and phone number are listed in the message you attached. If you think the content on your site doesn’t infringe any trademarks, you can choose to leave it up, otherwise, you should probably also take down the infringing content.
Cloudflare will, as far as I know, not take any action against your website. However, your hosting provider might.

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