I receive a 502 error when entering a site

Hello, a question: I have an rdp with windows 10 and when I try to access filejoker.net it gives me this error.

I have read the documentation, but it is very technical and I cannot find the cause. I’ve spent time trying to fix it. Can you help me, please?

It only happens to me with that site. I have also tried with other browsers and get the same result.

Site works for me, but the error you’ve seen indicates Cloudflare had trouble connecting to their server.

Could be just doing maintenance etc. but all looks good right now for me in Australia.

If you’re just a user on there, and don’t own the server, then you need to get in touch with the filejoker guys if you still have problems as this is for them to work out on their side.

Annoyingly the only contact I can see on their site is a web form at:


which you may struggle to access if the sites is down…

Yes, the site is working correctly. I’ve been getting that error for a while now when I try to enter the site from my rdp. As if it blocked my IP. I tried using a VPN and I can get in with no problem.

I have contacted filejoker support but they don’t care. They say it’s a Cloudflare problem and that’s it. :frowning:

I’m having trouble working out why you’d get that error unless there’s some config on the site side that is prevneting the Frankfurt Cloudflare datacentre accessing them.

I’m not saying this problem isn’t to do with Cloudflare but I’d be incredibly surprised that it’s not a Cloudflare-related config item that they can and indeed should remedy as it’s their site and they admin both their servers and their Cloudflare config!

As you say, maybe they simpy don’t care. Alas, there’s litte you can do as a user.

Yes, the only answer that filejoker support gives me is: “You are browsing through a VPN”. But it’s not like that. I have communicated a dozen times and they have not given me a solution. The worst thing is that I pay for that premium account (annual) with them. :frowning:

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