I put an IP in White list by mistake

Please I need help I was facing a DDOS attack to one of my domains, I made many security settings and I succeeded to stop that attack but I put one IP in the white list, this IP was my internet service provider IP and it’s a dynamic IP

Next time i tried to login to my account for sure I cant as I put a dynamic domain in the white list and for sure the domain changed in my next time i use my WIFI

Now I am very frustrated cause while i am trying to login i got a message that a confirmation code sent to the e-mail associated to my account but i never receive it

now I can’t login to my account please find me a solution how can Cloudflare fix this Bug no code received for 48 Hours now I tried more than 50 times with no result please help me

As a sanity check for code emails, I assume you have checked spam.

If you have, then @cloonan should be able to help you out.

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I need to thank you very much for you reply He is online now how can i contact him please

I checked everything for 48 now how this happened just i need the code no more this is a great bug in clouflare system

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