I purchased pro plan , can I use a lot of traffic

I used the R2 for my video ,it will cost 800TB traffic every month .

But the storage fee costs a lot via $15/TB , so I want to storage on backblaze which cost just $5/TB

I purchased the cloudflare pro ,but I didn’t know if I will violation of cloudflare TOS

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IANAL and not a Cloudflare rep, but going by the letter of their ToS, it seems clear that this will be in violation: Service-Specific Terms - Cloudflare

Content Delivery Network (Free, Pro, or Business)

Cloudflare’s content delivery network (the “CDN”) Service can be used to cache and serve web pages and websites. Unless you are an Enterprise customer, Cloudflare offers specific Paid Services (e.g., the Developer Platform, Images, and Stream) that you must use in order to serve video and other large files via the CDN. Cloudflare reserves the right to disable or limit your access to or use of the CDN, or to limit your End Users’ access to certain of your resources through the CDN, if you use or are suspected of using the CDN without such Paid Services to serve video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other large files. We will use reasonable efforts to provide you with notice of such action.

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Like @GeorgeAppiah already correctly said does this part of the TOS apply to the CDN Proxy Service. You would use Backblazes HTTP endpoint and add cloudflare in Front of it. From the Viewing of Cloudflare thats the Same as if the Videos would come from your origin.

I still want to reduce costs as much as possible
In order for the account not to be banned, I would like to know if cloudflare will notify me in advance by email that my behavior is inappropriate

You would use Backblazes HTTP endpoint and add cloudflare in Front of it. From the Viewing of Cloudflare thats the Same as if the Videos would come from your origin.

sorry, I can’t understand what you said.
Do you mean this didn’t violation of cloudflare’s TOS

There are caveats to this though.

Both Cloudflare and BackBlace are founding members of the Bandwidth Alliance, and I don’t know how this plays into the picture.

In this Hacker News thread from 2020, a Cloudflare CEO publicly commented:

(backblaze ceo here) B2 is a great origin store for your video files. If you’re streaming to lots of viewers, using a CDN with Backblaze B2 is optimal. We partnered with Cloudflare as a founding member of the Bandwidth Alliance so you can store your videos with B2 and transit them for free to Cloudflare, which can serve to your viewers.

And in this Reddit thread on the same issue, a Redditor shared this response from Cloudflare Support:

If you are not using Cloudflare cache to stream the video content, this would be fine. You should be able to use the service without any issue. You can set your video with no cache headers to avoid being cached from Cloudflare Edge or using page rules.

I think that last quote is the key here. If the video is being served directly by Backblaze, then, methinks there should be no question about breaking Cloudflare’s ToS since it’s a mere passthrough and their CDN is not serving the video.

But then, you will likely be paying some egress fees to Backblaze!

So this really boils down to implementation details then.


Thank you very very much for your answer, it was very helpful to me.
Now I have subscribe the cloudflare pro plan, and I also create a rule which cache behvior is bypass.
I will create a ticket in cloudflare help and backblaze help for exact fact.
And I will update what I know here.


Even then their shouldnt be traffic cost with the exception of the API Request because the traffic still flows through Cloudflare. It simply doesnt get stored on it way through anymore. But Yeah thats definitly something that cloudflare would need to clarify