I purchased new domain at cloudflare and its showing blocklisted at SEM URIRED and

i purchased new domain at Cloudflare and its showing blocklisted at SEM URIRED and SEM FRESH
i am using MS 365 for my emails

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Cloudflare is not either of the sites you mentioned. You will need to direct any inquiries you have about their policies to those sites directly.


Thank you for your response,

I purchased New domain on Cloudflare and also purchased MS365Email,

Email is working fine , every things looks like working fine, but as I check on MX toolbox its showing blocklisted, could you please tell me why new domain is listed and how I can solve that. Even I tried several way, but no use SEM FRESH was saying in 5 days auto delisted, but SEM URIRED don’t know about that, my problem is why that blocklisted, if Cloudflare has some issue then they have to resolve that, why I am facing this issue

Below is the screenshot for your reference

Again, only those list operators can explain why you are on them. You should visit their sites and see if they provide any rationale. There are literally a near infinite amount of such lists in existence on the internet. Many are not even made public. All have their own criteria for inclusion, none of which tend to have anything to do with Cloudflare.

If you are encountering any issues related to your domain’s presence on a list, you will need to address it with the list operator or the party whose use of the list’s contents is affecting you. They are the only parties with any influence over the content of the list or how it used.

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