I purchased my own premium SSL certificate but it doesn't show in the browser?


I just purchased a premium “InstantSSL Wildcard (Sectigo)” SSL from within my Plesk account and I can see it’s been installed successfully to my domain from under Plesk. However, when I try to view my certificate in my browser I see it says “Google Trust Services LLC” instead of showing the SSL that I purchased from “Sectigo”.

Is the reason it’s showing a “Google Trust Services LLC” SSL because of Cloudflare? I also notice it shows that it expires every 3 months, is this how SSLs work through Cloudflare?

If I’m receiving an SSL through Cloudflare, do I still need one on my website through Plesk? If I still need an SSL for my website through Plesk, I guess I don’t really need to pay for the premium one and I could just use the free "Let’s Encrypt SSL option Plesk offers?

Thank you.

Yes. When your site is proxied through Cloudflare, visitors to your site connect to Cloudflare using Cloudflare’s Universal SSL. (Using your own purchased certificate on the Cloudflare edge would require a Business or Enterprise plan).

Yes. This is so when Cloudflare connects to your server to pass on the request, that connection is encrypted too. Make sure your SSL/TLS settings are set to "Full (strict)’ here…


See here for how things work…


Thank you for your reply, this is helpful and makes more sense now.

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