I purchased domain with Cloudflare but cannot point nameserver to hostgator

Says I need to upgrade to business plan. Ive asked other people with free accounts if they can set nameservers and they say they can as free users. Whats going on?

This isn’t a plan restriction - if you’re using Cloudflare Registrar then you can’t use third party nameservers.

Edit: to clarify, the custom nameservers you get on Business is purely so you can use Cloudflare’s nameservers still but with your own hostnames, rather than foo.ns.cloudflare.com - i.e I can use ns1.example.com but it still goes back to Cloudflare.

Ok so I have to wait 60 days? to transfer?

To use their nameservers? Yes - but you lose any benefit of actually using Cloudflare.

Their documentation doesn’t indicate this is necessary, what’s the reason you can’t use the A record to point to them?

Ok im not advanced maybe I can use A record. Thanks for your help

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