I probably got blacklisted in cloudflare on accident


today I started having to do capcha before I could access some websites. After completing them, those websites does not load properly. (errors 403) I tried a lot of things, from clearing cookies to looking up if my IP was blacklisted (it was not).

Is there some way I could find out why cloudflare thinks that my IP is a threat?

Post a screenshot.


I get this on sites that require capcha

That’s not a screenshot of the 403 itself. That likely comes from the server and need to be checked there.

Oh, and is there a way to see why do I have to prove my humanity, when accessing some sites? Im sorry for my english. I belive if I resolve that problem, I will resolve those pages not loading properly. As those problems started with those capcha verifications.

That will be something the site owner configured. You’d need to contact them for more details.

Leaving wrongly loaded websites aside which could be problem with their configuration. I would like to resolve the problem with capcha. As I was trying to resolve this problem, capcha from cloudflare showed on a huge number of websites. That is why I belive it is a problem originated somewhere on a Cloudflare side.

If it is not just one site your address might have been flagged and you should check out that article

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Thank you, I will try that.

Have a nice day.

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