I posted a topic 3 days ago but can't edit my Topic | HELP

Hello dear community,

I posted a forum post 3 days ago but can’t see any edit button to edit my post or heading.
I want to improve the topic.

If you are referring to this post, it seems to have been closed two days after the last reply. At this point, you will need to create a new topic and continue conversations on it. I think you can repurpose the current one.

No , I want to edit it. I can’t edit any of my conversations not even this one.
I also want to edit my previous post heading as it is getting indexed by search engines and I don’t want that to happen because it removed the original website that I use.

Please help me man.

You can usually flag a post privately for moderator attention:

Feel free to select “something else” and note the changes needed.

In the meantime I have marked that topic as “unlisted” so search engines won’t be able to find it next time they recrawl the site.

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Hello Erisa,

I don’t want to un-list the topic .Please revert that change. I just want to change the title of my topic from :-

Whatsmyip.co.in or cloudflare alternative?


Usual I.P lookup websites or cloudflare alternative?

Please help me with this and also I cannot see any flag or edit option for my post.

I’ve flagged it on your behalf.

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I have not received any update from cloudflare team please help @Erisa

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