I paused cloudflare for my site, will APO also be paused? Or APO will run seperately?

I paused cloudflare for my site, because if I enable it, the site will show 525 error.
So two things want to understand. One is, now I pause the cloudflare, APO will also be paused?

Second is 525 error, I checked this tip:Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed, so I should ask my hosting provider to check, or there is any other reasons?

Yes, because it relies on your site being proxied.

Most likely. Your site needs to work fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare first. Now that it is paused, does it?

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Actually every Cloudflare service relies on that. The moment you pause (=unproxy) none will be functional any more, short of DNS resolution.

Yes, my site works fine on https without cloudflare now.
But I paused cloudflare about 3 months ago, APO still costs money every month,is this right?

As long as you have an active subscription it will be charged if you are on a Free plan.

If your site works on HTTPS and you still get a 525, then there’ll be most likely an issue with the SSL connection. Your host might be blocking requests from Cloudflare in that case.

What’s the domain?

My site ishttps://www.yekeey.com/

Yes, loads fine on HTTPS but also loads fine via Cloudflare.


but yesterday, I try to enable cloudflare, then show this error

There’ll have been an issue with your host yesterday. Also, Always On is enabled.

Currently it does work.

So if I enable cloudflare now, it will be OK? No errors?

For the time being yes. Also make sure your encryption mode is “Full Strict”, because it would be still insecure if it is just “Full”.

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