I paused cloudflare and now I am not receiving emails


Domain name : www.dentistrytoday.info

I has paused clouflare yesterday night.

Since today morning I am not receiving emails at : [email protected]

I restarted cloudflare some time back. Still I dont think I am receiving emails.

What is to be done.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance for the same.


Veerendra Darakh


This zone’s nameservers are not on Cloudfloare. They point to


There are no glue records for those hostnames and can’t be resolved. If you wish to use Cloudflare for this zone the nameservers need to be pointed at Cloudflare.


The site was associated with cloudflare but my programmers have disassociated it.

So I guess that the problem of mine of being not able to receive mails at : [email protected] has got nothing to do with cloudflare.

Please comment.

Where else should we look into the cause of this problem


If your “programmers” changed the name servers to something off the Cloudflare network then they should have set up DNS servers to handle the authoritative DNS on behalf of your domain.

You are currently without a DNS on your domain. You should come back to Cloudflare or ask your “programmers” to solve their problem.


They should point the nameservers for that zone to nameservers which are authoritative for that zone. It’s fine if they don’t want to use Cloudflare, but whatever nameservers they choose, need to be properly configured and at the moment they are not. If they didn’t have a good reason to change them, they should change them back.

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