I Paid for the workers add on but it still says I'm on the free plan

I recently tried to upgrade my Workers plan from the free tier to the paid version. I have a card on file and got a confirmation screen (see attached), but when I go to my workers overview, it still says I am on the free plan. Is there an additional step that I am missing?

I think @Laurie is the billing expert around here, so she might be able to help you!

Thanks. I feel like this may be something as simple as a verification email that got missed. I’m an admin on the account, but perhaps I’m not being notified of verification actions that need to happen.

Hi @devops24,
Sorry, I was out of office for a few days, have you sent a ticket to our team and if so what is that ticket ID?

Oh, no worries, thanks for responding. Because it’s a billing issue, I had the super admin on the account open a ticket. That ticket ID is #2378886. I am copied on it and have been providing logs, screenshots, and HAR files. It’s kind of baffling. We’re really only trying to purchase a paid Workers plan and it won’t let us.

Hi @devops24,

I have updated the billing specialist that is working on your ticket with what the issue is that you are seeing and you should have a reply shortly.

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