I own 2 domains and I would like to redirect the 2nd to my main domain

I own 2 domain names and I would like to redirect all visitors to my main.
For example, let’s say I own mywebsite[.]com and mywebsite[.]net
mywebsite[.]com has Cloudflare enabled and mywebsite[.]net has not Cloudflare enable yet.
mywebsite[.]net has no hosting

When I go to mywebsite[.]com visitors can browse my blog.
I want to redirect visitors that type mywebsite[.]net to mywebsite[.]com

Do I need to create another Cloudflare for mywebsite.net and just add a CNAME record that points to mywebsite.com ?

Thank your for your input.

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Alright thanks.
So I understand correctly, domain A and domain B have the same A record that points to the same IP adress (which is the hosting server). Correct ?

The IP address only matters for your .com domain. For your .net domain you only need a DNS record (A or CNAME), the eventual value is irrelevant as the page rule for the redirect will trigger long before that value could take effect. That record is just a dummy record so that the host in question resolves and requests can trigger the page rule.

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Right. I got it now. Thank your very much.

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