I notice different IP addresses on one of my domains that I do not recognize

I seem to have a number of IP addresses for each record as shown below I recognize the 162 but not 172 or 104.26.10 or 104.26.11

Please explain

Hi @rrenterprisesrr,

Did you move the domain from one account to another? The 104. and 172. addresses are Cloudflare’s and should be deleted.

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Thank you for responding. No - I have 2 domains with Bluehost - one is a primary and the other is an add-on to the primary. I was instructed by Clickmagick to add the secondary domain to Cloudflare so I could set up tracking links with them for the add-on domain. I did as instructed and ended up having to purchase Cloudflare Pro as the primary domain is on a free account.

I’m not sure if this is what is causing me to have some issues with my Bluehost pages loading and my being able to edit them.

Were you using Bluehost’s Cloudflare integration before you signed up directly with Cloudflare?

Why did you need a Pro plan for the second domain?

It may well be the issue, if you are sometimes seeing a 1000 error.

When I went to add the domain to my account a screen came up with all the plans and and prices and I thought at that point I needed to purchase another account. So I did.

Oh, no. You can have multiple domains on the free plan. Below the three paid plans, there should be an option to continue with free on the domain you are adding.

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I will remove the Cloudflare IP entries as you suggested - I have not seen any 1000 error pages -

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Is there a way I can have Cloudflare change this? It would be easier to have both domains on the same account

Have you got two accounts on different email addresses, then. Or can you see both domains when you login?

This is what I see when I log in:

Those two domains are in the same account, just separate “zones”, as far as Cloudflare is concerned. That can’t be changed and each zone sits on its own.

The screenshot you posted does show your email address, so you may want to remove that, if you are concerned.

Ok - for any other domains I will see if they can go onto the free account - thank you for your help and I’ll post here again with the results of removing Cloudflare IP on the add-on domain.

No problem, if you chose the Pro plan on one, you will continue to be billed 20$ each month unless you downgrade it to free. It is probably worth doing that if you don’t want the additional features or cost.

How do I downgrade that account?

It’s the zone you want to downgrade and if you click on whichever domain you selected pro for, on the right side, you should see ‘Pro plan’ and can click ‘Change’ and choose Free.

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Do you mean right click on the box with the green check mark on the Home page?

I did this and this is what I got.


No, just left click on the box with the domain and green tick, then it’s on the right.

I found it and downgraded - the pro plan features will go away at the end of the paid month

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Hi @rrenterprisesrr,

if you open a ticket it might be possible to get a refund for this month since it seems to be an erroneous purchase.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Please do also post the ticket number here, so that it might be pushed along.

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Thank you Matteo