I need you to figure it out

Access denied Error code 1020

You do not have access to www.vip-gv.com.

The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site. Contact the site owner for access or try loading the page again.

Additional information

The access policies of a site define which visits are allowed. Your current visit is not allowed according to those policies.

Only the site owner can change site access policies.

I am the site owner

Ray ID: 70cc7090cf501ed0Copy

  1. Search the Firewall Events Log External link for the above Ray ID.
  2. Examine and assess the details of the access policy.

Troubleshooting guide External link

This means the site owner has a firewall rule which is blocking your requests - Cloudflare can’t help you get past it or tell you why.

If you are the site owner, check the firewall activity log in the dashboard.

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