I need to update Cloudflare DNS records

How do I update my DNS records in Cloudflare.

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WE did not update anything. THe emails were working fine for years but suddenly Eddies email stopped working. WE called Go Daddy who informed us ut was DNS issue. We are not tech people. WE do not know how to fix these DNS Code issues. Who is responsible for the emails malfunctioning? Is it your company or microsoft? Who can help us? THe codes we received make no sense to us!

If you are having email trouble, I recommend starting with the party that you pay for your email service. If they have questions about your DNS, you can always open a new topic to explore that.

i have been told it is cloudflare that handles email. this is a DNS issue. that is what i have been told by go daddy. they said cloudflare handles my web site and emails. but cloudflare seem to offer no service but self service. i need DNS code updated. i have the udates on paper but have no idea how to implement them.

That is accurate. Even on an Enterprise agreement, Cloudflare is a self-service platform. Who put your domain on Cloudflare? Are they available to assist you?

the site was added years ago this is not a new site. your emails suddenly started malfunctioning

I have no idea what emails you are talking about.

If you need to update your DNS, I shared a link to the instructions on how you can do that in my first reply. Have you made the requested DNS changes yet?

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