I need to take my website live

You would need to contact them and provide this DNS record instruction

I need help please, I know nothing about DNS or the back end of programing etc. I’m just trying to take my website live and I hired a company to do so. we are ready by I can’t change the DNS record. I need Cloudflare to do it but I could never get help from them and Im not sure what to do

Cloudflare will never change your DNS records. You need to sign in to Cloudflare. You can follow this guide for creating DNS records

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I already followed this → the Cloudflare is not allowing to delete the existing DNS record

any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

Please include screenshots or error messages when you try to change/add a DNS record.

Many thanks

this is the error

I can’t seem to get anyone at Cloudflare to help me

What happens when you add a new record using that name (without trying to delete the existing one)?