I need to set a custom _domainconnect TXT record

Hi all,

I am trying to follow a reddit guide to get my personal domain setup on Office365:

I don’t want to have my stuff hosted at GoDaddy, so I was trying to set all these DNS records just so.

My problem is that cloudflare is not respecting my “_domainconnect” TXT record - it replaces it with the value api.cloudflare.com/dns/domainconnect

If I set a TXT record for “_domainconnect2” it works fine. I also noticed that my other domains at cloudflare (I have four) all respond to _domainconnect.mydomain.com with the same result, even though they don’t have a TXT record for “_domainconnect” configured.

Have I enabled some API feature at some point? I admit I use Cloudflare as a bit of a playground so maybe I turned something on at some point, but I can’t figure out what it was.

Thanks for your attention!

It sounds like you found the solution. That record just doesn’t show your domain name, because it’s implied, and redundant. If you export your DNS records you’ll see that it’s fully qualified:


Hi thanks for reply.

This isn’t really a solution for me.

When I query the FQDN _domainconnect.mydomain.com it does not respond with the TXT value I have set.

It instead replies with api.cloudflare.com/dns/domainconnect which is not what I want, and isn’t what is set in my records.

Please post an unredacted screenshot of that DNS record, and the domain name.

Thanks my domain name is wozney.ca

I want the TXT record for _domainconnect.wozney.ca to resolve to _domainconnect.gd.domaincontrol.com.

Scratch all that…I can reproduce the issue. That may be a reserved TXT record for something at Cloudflare.

Open a ticket, and post the ticket # here, so we can escalate it.

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Thanks for your help.

I will have to upgrade to a pro account to open a ticket. I will do that now, and I will learn something for my $25.

Looking at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/setup/add-domain?view=o365-worldwide, I don’t think you’re supposed to add that record yourself.

Thanks Laudian,

Yes that is th eintent of Microsoft, however they only support domains hosted by GoDaddy and I don’t want to move my domains there.

Other people have enjoyed success (with Cloudflare and other DNS hosting providers) by manually setting their records. I have hope that if I am able to manually set this _domainconnect TXT record for my domain it will work.

If it doesn’t then I will figure something else out.

If you’ve not upgraded yet, don’t. I’ll escalate this without a ticket #.

Nah it is okay I did it, just not enough coffee this morning.

So I have ticket number 2804494.

Got it. I’ll add that to my escalation message.

If you look at DNS Providers, you will see Cloudflare on that list. So that record is likely a reserved name and you cannot change it. This is very likely intended behaviour.

Is there a reason you aren’t just adding the required records for email by hand? Just because this “trick” worked a year ago doesn’t mean it should now.

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I want to have a personal domain hosted at Microsoft Office 365. They only support GoDaddy, and this is because they have an agreement with GoDaddy to automatically setup all the DNS.

I have set all the other relevant DNS by hand, but Microsoft will not allow the steps to proceed unless everything is exactly right, including _domainconnect.

It is fine. If this is not supported by Cloudflare, I’ll find another way to make it happen. I like it here, but if I have to move stuff to GoDaddy I can do that.

I’m sorry, but this is just wrong. I can assure you that a lot of people use Microsoft 365 without being GoDaddy customers.
I’ve send you a link with the step-by-step guide from Microsoft, which absolutely allows you to use any DNS provider.

DomainConnect is an automated way to setup the necessary DNS records, but you do not have to use it.

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Hi Laudian,

Thank you for your continued efforts. It is entirely possible I have misunderstood.

I am using Microsoft Office365 Family - not the business edition. There is a mechanism to have a personal domain however the onboarding process is very restrictive.


I would be very grateful if I have misunderstood the requirements.

I did an Internet search for _domainconnect cloudflare, and the second result is Microsoft’s instructions:

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I cannot thank all of you enough for your efforts.

Unfortunately, the advanced functionality in the links provided is only applicable to business accounts, and I am attempting to simply have a custom email address for my family and I am not willing to pay Microsoft $500 a year for the privilege - at least not yet.

I will see what Cloudflare support says about this ticket, and if they are not able to help (and maybe they can’t) then I will just find another way to make this work. Hopefully not for $500 a year.

Ok, now I understand the problem. Yes, it seems that to use a custom domain on the family plan, you need to use GoDaddy.
This “trick” probably no longer works because Cloudflare now supports DomainConnect, so you are unable to change that record.