I need to remove the attached records manually which are not visible in my DNS Management zone. This was provided to me by my website provider

Hello can anyone help with how to access/delete DNS records which do not show up on the DNS Management zone?

I m also facing an issue with DNS :unamused:

Can you give some information? The only automatically added records that I can think of are CAA records. If that is the issue you should be given a new record to add, rather than disabling CAA.


Hi Micheal, it is actually A records which I was given by my website provieder. They told cloudflare needs to delete them because they are not visible to in DNS Management zone…

If it’s an “A” record, it should be on your DNS page. Without knowing the domain name, we can’t test, but it may be worth comparing the two name servers at the bottom of your DNS page with the name servers listed for your domain at whois.com

These were A records previously deleted manually by me, but the website provider tells me they were not permanently deleted by cloudflare on the back end. If that makes sense? I think only their support team can help…

No, that does not make sense. There’s no “back end.” But there may be Time To Live, which is probably the default 5 minutes. But whatever TTL was, it may just take time for the DNS entry to drop from external DNS servers once TTL expires.

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Can you share the hostname for those A records? How is your hosting provider looking into the “back end”?

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