I Need to Remove Some A Records But I cannot List Them

I try to add my domain to Google Firebase servise for hosting my website. I have got errors about some A records. But when i list my DNS records, i cannot see them. Acording to some online tools, these two IP addresses are belongs to your company. I have added images to make it clear. How can I remove them? I need your help. I have tried to create a ticket for technical support but it directs me here.

(They don’t allow me more than image so i need to merge them as a single image)

I need to remove following A records but I can not find them and i have not add them myself:


The DNS records aren’t the problem. It’s the Too Many Redirects that you need to fix.

Make sure your SSL mode is set to Full-Strict.


Hey thanks. That has solved half of my problem. Now i have got a similar problem with subdomains.
Where these IPs (, come from? How can completely get rid of them?

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Those are Cloudflare proxy IPs.

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