I need to put in a new IP address

Hello to whoever is reading this now (and thank you so much in advance :blush: :innocent:

IONOS accidently deleted my IP address off my virtual server. They gave me a new IP address (and a credit for their accident) and I need to enter it in. Unfortunately my developer has a family emergency with the passing of his father and he and can’t do it right now. So could someone help me please and instruct me on how to erase the old IP address and enter in the new one. Thanks a million! Have a blessed week! #TeamAwesome

1.Go to Cloudflare and login
2.Go to DNS App
3.Edit the A Record IP Adress .

Any issues you can revert back


Thank you so much and I appreciate you! Hopefully I changed the right one. I have many subdomains also but I just changed the one for the actual domain. Hopefully it works!


I spoke with IONOS and we got it ALL figured out!! :smiley: I had to change all the subdomains IP address also. Thank you again Neeraj! I appreciate you!! Have a very blessed year friend! :innocent:


Your Welcome :grin: .

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