I need to point my DNS to a new host. My blog name (creativekkids.com) is registered w/ Cloudflare."

I switched to Cloudflare as my registar for my domain name in February. I want to change hosting. How do I point Cloudflare’s DNS to my new host?

So I have an experienced person moving me and she set me up on Cloudflare originally. But now I moved my domain name from GoDaddy to cloudflare registar and she has never had to move a blog to a new hosting when the Cloudflare was the registar. She said it isn’t a full-service registar and it might be more difficult than normal. Is this all that needs to be done?

It’s really a Search/Replace: out with the old IP address, and in with the new one.

Quite often, a host will have a DNS records page for your domain, so you’ll just have to make the DNS records list here look like the one at your new host.