I need to 'paste certificate and key'

I have got an API key, I guess the key to go with the certificate. Now my host admin environment only gives the possibility to copy-paste a ‘pre-generated certificate and key’, not just a key.

How, where can I get the certificate code in Cloudflare?

Or, do I need different steps?


You can generate an origin certificate in the SSL/TLS app. The pop-up will give you the contents of both the certificate and the certificate key.


Thanks for your reply. I may be a bit of a nitwit, but I don’t think I can find what you are talking about. I have been searching all over the Cloudlfare website, but I seem to be looking in the wrong place. Could you be more specific?

Thanks so much!

Sorry, should have linked. These two articles should help you get the certificate and install it:



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