I need to know the song used in this promo video

Hi, I’ve just discovered Cloudflare, but in this promo video at the top of the page here:
starting at 0:33 seconds, there is a background instrumental that I need to know the name of! :blush:

I have watched this video so many times that I’m actually considering joining, but I need to find this song first. Can anyone please help with this random request.

Thank you,

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Understood and we’re on it!

It will take me a bit to track down the producer, but will find out and post back!


Can’t you pipe it to Shazam, or whatever that app is called?

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Before posting, I tried using Shazam during 0:33 - 0:40 seconds (where there is no talking), but I wasn’t able to get any hits.

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Re opening closed case:

Hi @misaunde, it took a bit of digging but I found a colleague that’s a musical genius!

“A Breath of Fresh Air” by “Vincent Tone”.