I need to know the real deal on Pages and using a Domain, with External DNS (Registrar)

My Pages site is great;
so want to know about Pages and using a Domain, with External DNS (Registrar)
now that was set up recently, so can’t transfer to Cloudflare

and after reading the Main Pages, and probably 100 more about domains, zones, etc
I’d really like to get this done.

And the site is a “React/Vite” site, but really basic - a Brochure site, for now,
so I’d like to stay off the Business, or Enterprise plan - probably Not needing the expense.

The Guides I’ve ready so far, have been awesome, like “Sitepoint” etc.
And since this has been a challenge, I’m wondering if the current Info pages are current.

for sure I’ve read:
cloudflare /pages/configuration/custom-domains/
It wouldn’t let me put the link - even trying with the Rich Text Link icon… weird

To share a link, click the pre-formatted text option. :: not clear where that is

this topic - kinda nailed it. [ exactly what I’d like to do ]
reddit /r/Cloudflare/comments/16a9bjj/cloudflare_pages_external_dns/

comment: throwaway234f32423df • 5mo ago
You can’t host an apex domain on Cloudflare Pages if you’re not using Cloudflare DNS.

You can host on a subdomain such as www, though, and use various methods to redirect the apex domain to the subdomain.

You’ll need to create a CNAME for the subdomain pointing to something.pages.dev (based on the project name)

I should be able to configure DNS, point to Cloudflare ns.  
or Even create a Zone (if given proper instructions and steps)

What sounds do-able is to use DNS to point to www.<my-site.com> or even redirect from / to www
  Please advise, and Thanks in Advance;  I'm looking forward to working this this alot more!

You’d need a redirect yeah - do the opposite of Redirecting www to domain apex · Cloudflare Pages docs

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You don’t need to have the domain on Cloudflare’s registrar in order to use Cloudflare DNS. You can add the domain to your Cloudflare account and change the nameservers at your registrar, and leave the domain registered there. The registrar service at Cloudflare is just an add-on; it’s not necessary.

If you really do mean that you want to use external DNS then yeah, you need to do what Walshy said.

@Walshy: Logically, you said it in a sentence.
I am assuming, I can do this, in 2 Steps:
point my DNS to Cloudflare nameservers - allowing traffic to www.<my-site. com>
somehow redirect ‘root’ / slash to www

What has to be done on the External DNS side ?
What has to be done on the Cloudflare side ?
I need the specific instructions

jeez - what’s the deal with the Link block - had to re-edit 9x. Wow :: not even using a link

thanks Guys - I’ll do my best on configuring this; Should work out great.
if I do it right, should be done in 5m, haha.

if your approach is more straightforward - I will try that, thank you

Should I be concerned with the Cert and or https ?

I know this is coming up; and I’d like to address it cleanly. (excuse the pun)

the only other Awkward thing was my External DNS, made me put in an IPv4 address, as opposed to the ns names… kinda weird

what do you mean? We’ll provision the cert for you, there’s no action on your part required

Need help -
I entered the CF ns at my External DNS, ok.

on the Cloudflare DNS side:
Now have 2 A records slash and www that I set to an IPv4 address

I got that address by doing a dig command on the internal hash address of my Pages site
ie: c094hj887a..pages.dev

apparently this is incorrect. FWIW in the browser, I get Error 1000
Please advise with specifics. thank you!

You can’t create DNS records for Pages by hand, you need to follow the necessary steps to add a custom domain to Pages:

from the link / doc you sent
(it’s not new information - I took a day reading through all I could find; But may need clarifying :: I must still be missing something)

add your site as a Cloudflare zone

configure your nameservers.

are there specifics I should know ?

any guidance, would be a big help.

I’m frankly asking, not just for myself, but for the community.

This thread has gotten long enough, to indicate, there might be some complexity.
I would like to take the Hidden Magic out of it; and report back that my Pages site is Up and Running.
In fact I’d love to do that today.

Can you explain which of the five steps you are having trouble with?

After that, if your domain is using Cloudflare, the record is created automatically. If you are not using Cloudflare for DNS, you need to create a CNAME record at your DNS provider (only subdomains supported).

Despite my best efforts to follow the Documentation - still not Quite there.
Wishing this could be clearer on what to do on the Cloudflare side and on the External side.
obviously quite a few scenarios can arise…

I’m also very grateful, for those who have helped with replies - I appreciate all the help.

on the Cloudflare side, I only have 2 records -
I have 2 CNAME records, so. one for @. and one for www

When I test in the browser - with either URL, I am getting a 522 error.
I’ve seen this in the forum posts, and I hope to find the final solution. thank you

Did you create these yourself or were they automatically created?

Edit: It would be a lot easier to help if you shared your actual domain. We could then check if it is actually active on Cloudflare.

I created them myself;

domain is:

I assume If I have this page:

DNS management for themarjaysmusic.rocks

that I am using a zone.

I’m afraid that’s not how it works.

Please delete the records you created.

Then, remove your domain from Pages and follow the 5 steps to add it again. Do not create any DNS records.

Are the nameservers you see on that page evelyn.ns.cloudflare.com and leland.ns.cloudflare.com?

currently using evelyn and leland, yes [ and used them in Ext DNS ]

If I have to delete the Domain and add it again - I will adjust Ext DNS accordingly, if there are new nameservers provided.

I don’t mind deleting the Domain and Adding it again -
can I do both immediately or do I need to wait some time for caching.?

Fun so far! ?? Just hoping I can get the configuration right - thanks

Don’t delete the domain from Cloudflare. Did you follow the 5 steps to add the domain to your pages project?

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I just deleted my CNAME records.
and then, in Pages, used the Custom Domain tab to set up domain => Pages

themarjaysmusic.rocks is being set up. It may take up to 48 hours for DNS records to update and for your site to become viewable by visitors.