I need to know about the subdomains

I am a beginner. I just have a few doubts.

I have a domain and a lot of subdomains under my domain.

If I start using Cloudflare, do I need to add each subdomain separately or just add my root domain?

Yes, you will need to add all the subdomains and associated records. Cloudflare will automatically add any common ones it can look up or may know about through other means, but not all may appear.

(It is possible to add a wildcard * DNS record, but that will only work if all your subdomains point to the same destination. This also tends to get a lot of spam hits as scanners try random subdomains against the DNS so I don’t recommend it.)


Is the payment included for all domains or do we need to pay for each domain that we add to Cloudflare?

My domain is already hosted in Godaddy.

Hey there,
Subdomains are counted under the apex main domain and does not require any addiontal plan.

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