I need to immediately change Registrar or Name Servers

Hello, I need to change the name servers immediately to manage my domain and begin building a website but I see Cloudflare has it locked for 60 days.

I purchased BlxckOneGroup.com through Apple, and Apple does not disclose these restrictions.

I opened a support ticket and left a voicemail over 10+ days ago and have not received a single response, and therefor completely unwilling to upgrade to a business plan just to get support.

Is there any way to override so I can transfer Registrars? I have a business with a launch impacted by this.

Cloudflare requires the use of Cloudflare nameservers.

That is an ICANN requirement regardless of the registrar you use.

You shouldn’t need to change the registrar or nameservers, in most cases just use the Cloudflare DNS to point at your web host using the A/AAAA/CNAME records they specify.

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