I need to create my own topics but I do not

Same problem i am facing on senabharti.in

Hello Can you tell me how i can do as same

Second time i m facing isse

@www.techsingh123.com please, stop jumping on other threads, it confuses problem resolution.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 2.16.39 PM

and then create your own topic indicating the issue you are experiencing and steps you have taken to resolve it. That makes the whole process a lot more efficient for everyone.

If you like and for bonus points, include a link to similar topics, tutorials you studied, and tips you’ve followed to help us help you more efficiently. We did a root cause analysis once where we had 5 really similar topics and found out that there were 5 unique reasons…my assumption, proly like your assumptions, was that the root cause was the same in every instance…we were 100% incorrect.

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