I need to copy MX records from webscale

I have 2 records left to add – MX records. The MX records in Webscale are not the same as Cloudflare, and I’m unsure how to add them.


Webscale only provides a MX priority.and MX Domain
Cloudflare requires Name, Mail server, and Priority.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Webscale. , not wescale. Sorry about the misspelling.

You would use MX Domain as Mail Server and “@” as your name.


Thank you so much!!

I spoke too soon.

Results in the error:
DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Change the content of your MX record to be a hostname (and not an IP address).

Well, I meant you are supposed to use the MX Domain given by Webscale for the Mail Server, not the literal MX Domain.

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I think that is it.
Thank you so much

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