I need to configure a SSL certificate to my onpremise server generated by you


I have an onprem server with Windows Server, it runs an IIS web service internally, it does not have a SSL valid certificate. I would like to know if I can use the one that is generated in my Cloudflare portal, the website is asked for internal users, I mean it is not for public domains. I just need to let the browser know it has a valid certificate and trust on its content specially when I need to download files from it.

The server may be published as https//test.domain.com/login.aspx


You can’t download the Cloudflare edge certificate.

You can use a Cloudflare origin certificate, but note that it is only trusted by Cloudflare so requires use of the Cloudflare proxy for the hostname or a warning will be shown in the browser that the certificate is not trusted.

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