I need to change several dns at once.


I have a doubt: I have 54 sites using Cloudflare dns. I’m switching the server and I need to change all dns records for all 54 sites. Do I need to change one by one, or is it possible to change all dns records at once?


You could maybe use the API but getting it figured out and set up might take longer than just doing it manually

You might future-proof by switching to CNAMEs. I almost never have multiple DNS records pointing to the same IP, I just have one and then I CNAME all the others to it. So the IP can be easily changed in just one place in the future.

Cloudflare has a couple advantages over others when it comes to CNAMEs, first, they fully support CNAMEs at the apex domain using CNAME flatting (nobody will be able to tell if it’s a CNAME even if it’s grey-clouded), also, any CNAME that’s orange-clouded will be impossible for end-users to tell that it’s a CNAME, so if you had privacy concerns about cross-domain CNAMEs maybe that’ll make you feel better.

Great tip about cname, thanks a lot!
With Cloudflare the works easier:)

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