I need to change my WARP+ Cloudflare Data Center

Hey everyone.

I’m using WARP+ version.

Here is my tracert:

And connection log:

vix.invitel.net hop is belongs to TurkTelekom.

As you can see, it increases the ping value too much.

And it makes restrictions on the network. For example, it forbids access to pastebin or 4chan. As you can imagine, this is something I never, ever wanted. TürkTelekom uses deep packet inspection technology to ban such sites. What can I do to get rid of these high pings and bans? Can i change this hop? or can i change the cloudflare data center i connect to?

Not a feature Warp provides today.

Why doesn’t it? Is there a logical explanation?

Warp is not a copyright circumvention tool. Changing the colo to a different egress colo to avoid governmental or DRM restrictions is not the design goal for the product.

What about high ping? My ping values ​​are lower on my internet connection without WARP+.

“” With WARP+, we route your internet requests to avoid Internet traffic jams , making it even better.""

It’s unpossible for Warp to be faster in every scenario. But in the screenshots you’ve provided Warp is clearly faster so… problem solved!

“It’s unpossible for Warp to be faster in every scenario.”
Maybe it can, with another hop.
Why doesn’t Cloudflare allow us to try it, change it? Is there any harm?

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