I need to change my nameservers

I purchase a hosted website the use Cloudflare with the same domain as the one I will be talking about. The site is work great, so I decided to add a email address for the domain and my host to me to add mx records via Cloudflare. So I create an account with Cloudflare and added the mx records. when I was wrapping up message comes up saying to use these new nameservers and not the ones my host provided.
So because of that it cause some type of conflict. Now I need to tell Cloudflare to allow custom nameservers for this domain. Well I found where it said I could add a post update (use_account_custom_ns_default) but I can’t add it because it says I need organizational data permission.

If anyone could help me I would be really grateful.

Thanks, Blane Koenig

It seems like you need to set up custom nameservers. for your domain. Guide

This does require at least a business level plan for your domain

Thank you Jake for taking the time, I have read that and it says to do a Put Command and it gives you a link but the system will not allow me. Next to the post update section name it says permission needed #organization,edit. Something I forgot to mention, the error message Im getting is 1000. On Cloudflare.com I read error 1000 means unknown error.

The “Custom Nameservers” in the business plan are actually Vanity name servers. They’re actually Cloudflare name servers, but with your own domain name on them. They are not external name servers. For that, you’d need an Enterprise Plan, or a Parner Setup.

That’s generally unnecessary, as most people just make sure their Cloudflare name servers have all the DNS records they need for their domain, eliminating any need for their host’s name servers.

Yes Sdayman,

That is right, I have a host where my domain is registered, no problem I can just change the nameservers. I have purchase a website that is all in one that actually uses Cloudflare for the security. I am assuming the partner deal you mention coves this, if so how?
The whole problem is I have never even seen this aspect of DSN settings, so I am clueless.
I will do some research.

Thanks for taking the time!

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