I need to block all my traffic for a country but unblock some user with a specified pattern

dear all,
on my site i need to block all traffic from Italian visitors. But if an italian visitor digit a specified pattern www.mysit.com/pattern it should be able to navigate with no issues on my site.

I tried to insert rule that works but i obiovusly got the 404 page because pattern page is not found inside my site.

How could i solve this with cloudflare?


The entire site, I presume, not just that path.

That, you won’t be able to achieve out of the box. What you can do is set some sort of access cookie upon a request to that URL. That you can do either server-side or with a Worker and once that is set, you can query for that cookie either using another Worker or - if more of a static approach - with a firewall rule. Something of that sort

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