I need to authenticate the email domain on system.io

What is the name of the domain?


What is the issue you’re encountering

authenticateHi, I need to authenticate the email domain on systeme.io, but I can’t. I entered the CNAME and TXT records correctly (Systeme.io Support confirmed this) but despite this the authentication is still “pending”. I don’t know what to do, are there other settings or values ​​that do not allow propagation and authentication? I purchased the domain on Register.it

What feature, service or problem is this related to?

Mail records

Could you share the names and value of the records that you were asked to add?

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Thank you!

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Your CNAMEs are :orange: when they need to be :grey:. Switch them in your Cloudflare DNS.

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Is this okay? I only modified the 3 CNAMEs indicated by systeme.io. Do I need to change any others?

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That looks good and should let your records validate.

Thank you very much! :blush:

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