I need to add a meta tag to this domain and I need some guidance please."

I need to add a meta tag to my domain. Can someone guide me on how to do that please?

Is that a DNS record? Can you post a link or screenshot of the instructions you’re following?

I have a coupe of screen shots. They probably explain better than I can!
Meta tags 2|690x388

That’s HTML, and that does not reside in your Cloudflare account. That’s at your server. But we can help if you want to do DNS Verification instead.

Does this still point the domain to clickFunnels?
DNS and CNAME are concepts I have heard of but I don’t really understand. I was told I needed to add a meta tag to the domain but I still need my domain to function as it was.
I have opened the DNS record and clicked on the domain (CNAME) - is that corrct, but I can’t see where I would add the coding.

I am really confused here!
Does the meta tag go in the search bar next to the ‘Add record’ tab?
Is the name @merrynsnare.com or @clickfunnels.com. what is the IPv4 address?

Please post a screenshot of your DNS Verification instructions.

This is what I have – I’m sure it will make more sense to you than me.

The other domains are with GoDaddy and they seemed to know what it was all about and added it for me.

Merryn Snare



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