I need the MX record for this domain

I need the MX record for my domain labgetbusiness.com I had Bluehost change the name servers to Cloudflare name servers a few days ago and now I can no longer use Get Response Auto Responders to send emails. I’m told by Nexciss that my domain doesn’t have an MX record.

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Nexcess is correct. You are missing your MX record. You will need to check your email provider’s documentation to determine what should be in your MX record (or records).

You also have published an SPF record that indicates your domain sends no email. This will cause any domain email you send to be treated as a forgery by the recipient server. If you plan on using your domain to send email, you will need to update the SPF record to include your email provider’s required values. While you are reviewing their DNS requirements, you will also want to obtain the details for their DKIM records so you can create those, too.

I see you do have a DMARC policy published. You probably don’t want to include your Yahoo email address in that record for various reasons, especially if you actually use it for email. DMARC report emails are not intended to be viewed directly by humans, and you really don’t want to flood your inbox with them.

Check with your mailbox provider to get the MX record details that you need and then add them to your Cloudflare DNS.

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