i need the DHS Rekord data


I urgently need your help as I am in a desperate situation.

I currently have my domain hosted with World4you.com in Austria.

However, since I have started using the Wix platform/software, my domain

has been redirected and appears to be passing through Cloudflare.

The issue I am facing is that I am unable to respond to Gmail messages from customers

because I need to activate my company email address, which requires access to the DNS records.

I have tried logging in to Cloudflare, but I have been unable to locate the necessary information.

Even after having an in-house IT technician look into it, we were unable to find any relevant details in my Cloudflare account.

Therefore, I am urgently seeking assistance.

Thank you in advance for your help.

These links may help, but they only work when logged out . You can always use an Incognito Window or a Private Window to ensure you’re logged out.
If you know the email: https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-password
If you know the email and have 2FA issues: https://dash.cloudflare.com/login-help
If you don’t know the email: https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-email


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