I need SSL for my custom domain for teachable. Need it from you as my new hosting platform

I’ve redirected my hosting to cloudflare for a custom domain with teachable. Custom domain not working.

I hosted originally with host gator

May I ask what is your domain name?

From the topic title, firstly to understand that Cloudflare is not a hosting provider company.

Secondly, if you are interested into getting an SSL certificate from Cloudflare for your domain/website without purchasing one, kindly go with Cloudflare Origin CA certificate from the below article:


Note: This certificate should not be used with e-mail service and you would actually need one to make sure your e-mails and other is secured.

Nevertheless, here is the step-by-step instructions how to setup SSL with Cloudflare:

Furthermore, may I ask how did you redirected your hosting to Cloudflare?

I assume you have done the steps as written below:

  1. Created an Cloudflare account
  2. Added your domain/Website to your Cloudflare account
  3. Changed the nameservers for your domain at your domain registar to provided ones from Cloudflare in the process of adding your domain/website to your Cloudflare account
  4. Checked the DNS records at Cloudflare Dashboard and setup the SSL as needed

The step-by-step instructions from above written can be found here:

Your content is still being hosted and managed at HostGator.

Regarding HostGator, there are topics how to connect custom domain with Cloudflare while using HostGator as a hosting provider. Hostgator is compatible with Cloudflare.

Here: :search: Search results for 'hostgator' - Cloudflare Community

Another example how to connect your domain with HostGator and Cloudflare (example for WordPress website):

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I followed the instructions. I was asked to delete a records. I added c names. This made my website go down so I had to add a record back. I currently have 1 cname and 3 a records.

h3.wholebrothermission.com is my custom domain for teachable. When you visit it it isn’t working. What should be happening is that it should be redirecting to https://www.h3-academy1.teachable.com/ still with only h3.wholebrothermission.com visible in the url address bar. That isn’t happening. I’ve been advised by host gator that they believe I need an ssl certificate from cloudflare. That’s the missing piece

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