I need REAL help

I need to get help accessing our website records and I’m stuck in an endless loop of helplessness in Cloudflare’s “Help” screen. I’ve been circling the drain so long I’m gonna be pretty frustrated by the time I actually get to someone who MIGHT be able to help.

Is there no way to talk to a real person at Cloudflare?

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If you are on the Free plan you can only get help here, on the Community Forum. Cloudflare Employees are also here and answering to the questions. If you upgrade to the Pro plan, you can open a ticket.

I don’t have any idea what we have. I had never heard of Cloudflare at all until I tried to get donated Microsoft products for my organization. We pay for our hosting through educause.

customers on every plan type can open account, billing and registrar tickets.

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Login to the dashboard with your account and go into these menus on the sidebar: Manage Account > Billing > Subscriptions

If you have a Pro / Business / Enterprise plan you will see it here. If you are on the Free plan, make a new post in the DNS category where you explain your problem. Though even if you are on a paid plan, you can still make a post here, maybe you get help even faster.

Yes, sorry, I did misread the post and thought the poster has a problem with setting up their records since it wasn’t clear.

Cloudflare provides self-service products. So, in general, the answer would be a “no”: But if you explain what you need help with und what you domain is, we can probably help you.


You will need to upgrade to get quick help from support, if you need fast live chat support I would recommend other registrars such as namecheap, dynadot, etc


Ask those who did :smile:

Want quick support? Ask a reasonable and complete question here on the forum. Five minutes later you have a solution. If it takes long it’s ten :wink: @Laudian summarised it


@sandro do we have support via inbox here? Sometimes as a user doesn’t like to show anything in public, general question/issues are fine to ask publicly here imo :grin:

Thank you. I don’t have an account to log into. I realize that from Cloudflare’s position, I have every appearance of someone trying to get unauthorized access to the website so I’m going to have to jump through tall hoops to get in.

We switched IT consultants a couple years ago from a one-man one-stop shop who turned out to be a dead-end. After that horrendous experience, we split our website and our network management out to two different (AWESOME) companies, but it seems the dead-end-dude set everything up in his name. Turned out he had a lot of moving parts we were unaware of. I finally tracked down a guy who was with our website company when we transitioned and he had cajoled passwords out of the dead-end-dude so he’s got me perking again. You can bet that by the end of the day I’ll have our username and password for Cloudflare!

Lesson learned - you may have IT professionals on board, but don’t give them the only key you have to the kingdom.

When you look your domain up with Free Whois Lookup - Whois IP Search & Whois Domain Lookup | Whois.com, is your Registrar Cloudflare or another company?

Customers on every plan type can open account, billing and registrar tickets.

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