I need nameservers that meet the ISNIC nameserver requirements


I am currently having this issue with a domain that has a .is TLD. I contacted Namecheap support and they told me to contact Cloudflare to get a new set of nameservers for the domain “cartus.is” to meet the requirements for ISNIC.

Thanks in advance

What issue are you having? That domain isn’t using Cloudflare name servers.

From reading the current requirements for ISNIC, I don’t think there are any unusual requirements for .is domains. (Several articles on the Internet, including on this Community appear to be out of date.) Cloudflare is the second most popular DNS provider in the .is ccTLD, and its popularity is increasing.

I just registered a new .is domain, and am waiting for it to be redeligated to my Cloudflare assigned nameservers. I’ll let you know how it progresses.

The one thing I suspect is that vanity/custom nameservers may not work. I don’t have a spare Business plan on my account to check if this is the case or not.


Redelegation took a while, but no issues. All fairly straightforward, including enabling DNSSEC.

Can you explain the issue you are having in a bit more detail?


The issue I am having is where I am unable to change the nameservers of the .is TLD domain. Namecheap interface just prompts me with an error on top of the screen, no description of the error, just says there was an error performing that action. I contacted Namecheap support and they said I need to get a new pair of nameservers from Cloudflare? That doesn’t add up, I’ve tried a lot of things to get this to work. @michael

Could you tell me the process of how you got everything to work, even changing nameservers?

Adding on to this, the nameservers are stuck as the ISNIC parking nameservers.

I registered a domain directly with ISNIC, and choose the Parking option. Paid my invoice, and waited for the “parking” nameservers to go live. I then added the domain to my Cloudflare account, and as normal I was given two nameservers. I added those two nameservers to the domain on the ISNIC dashboard, and the change was queued. Once the domain was live I added the DS record. Took about 15 minutes in total.

Does this mean that the domain resolved to the parking page? Right now, the cartus domain does not resolve.

Problem is, I use Namecheap because it was cheaper than one from ISNIC, so, either way, is there a fix for Namecheap or can I transfer to ISNIC registrar without any additional cost?

The domain shouldn’t resolve since that’s what a Namecheap support employee told me. The parking page doesn’t have a page.

Well, that’s not very helpful. Why wouldn’t there be a parking page? Or anything? The least they could let you do would be to add some sort of DNS record that points somewhere. Cloudflare won’t add a domain that doesn’t resolve.

That’s the point, I can’t change to Cloudflare nameservers.

However, I’ve setup Cloudflare for the domain, the records and everything but nameservers in the Namecheap interface won’t change.

So some of these TLDs will not allow you to change Name Servers until they can verify that the NS you are trying to switch to are responding authoritatively for the domain. One way to test with Cloudflare that we are doing that is to query your Cloudflare NS using a command line tool like dig:

🚨 $ dig cartus.is @xxxx.ns.cloudflare.com SOA +short
yyyy.ns.cloudflare.com. dns.cloudflare.com. 2037585854 10000 2400 604800 3600

You can also use online tools like this:


Replace xxxx.ns.cloudflare.com with one of your assigned Cloudflare NS and in the SOA record response you should see one of your assigned Cloudflare NS in the yyyy.ns.cloudflare.com part. As long as the domain is “Pending” in your Cloudflare account, you should see a good SOA response like the above one.

If you don’t see that - let us know. If you do - then you need to talk to your domain registrar about why they are rejecting the NS change.

Alright, I will try that.

I see a good response in the dig.ping.le website, however, Namecheap is still rejecting my change of nameservers, an error just pops up with no explanation what the error is.

@marino in that case you’ll need to contact Namecheap and ask them why - Cloudflare is responding for your domain correctly so they’ll need to confirm what the issue is.

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Okay, thank you.

This solution worked for me, I had to contact Namecheap support to allow me to change the nameservers, thank you! :tada:

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