I need my domain to be an alias of my IP:PORT

I need my domain (nevskjij.me) to be an alias of my IP:PORT . How do I do that? I have tried something, but it keeps returning an error please help.

This isn’t something that can be handled through DNS. There are a couple of options:

  1. Portzilla will take inbound requests for HTTPS, then route them to your IP:PORT.
  2. Cloudflare Tunnel is a process that can run on a local server that can bridge a service run on a specific port out to a CNAME in your DNS for that hostname.
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Well I have tried both and none of them worked. Portzilla says that my link dont work.

Is this for a website?

Yes. It is a website I made in php. Link looks like this http://MYIP:MYOPENPORT

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