I need more variants in Image service

Hey guys
I want to move all images from my site to Cloudflare Images service. But I see that only 20 variants of image sizes I can create.
What if I need more than 20 variants?
For example, on my site lot of articles with images and all UI images in 1x and 2x resolution.
I counted all image sizes that I have, and there is more than 32 sizes.
So I can’t move all my images? Can use only images for 20 sizes?

I see absolutely no documentation that goes beyond 20 variants.

How are you handling variants right now?

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I want to upload all images for my site to service. And I should create variant for each unique size. I can’t just upload all my images to service and get each with default size, because I should use variants. Or I am wrong? I just want to use “Images” service as image cdn and service description told me that I can to do it: “Store, resize and deliver images”. For me Store and Deliver is enough))

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