I need minimum latency vps service to cloudflare's Newark location

can somebody recommend vps service with minimal ping to ?

That is a Cloudflare IP address.

Cloudflare uses an anycast network so that IP is in multiple locations around the Earth.

Because of the way Cloudflare works, any requests that go to your site will be routed to the closest Cloudflare location (and there are 350+ now). Therefore, the region of the VPS you want to get is any region that is close to your users, not Cloudflare.

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Cloudflare uses an anycast network. That IP address is advertised from hundreds of datacenters Globally.

Their colo in Newark appears to be this one: PeeringDB based on PeeringDB … I know nada about VPS providers but you’d want to those providers about their setup / optons and if they are colocated or directly peered if NJ is the place you want your origin located.


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