I need help with umlauts

I have a domain that contains an umlaut and I can’t use it with an SRV record, can anyone help me?

You’ll need to add the punycode representation.

Whats the domain and the exact SRV record?


_minecraft.tcp 10 0 25565 ungestört.net

In that case try xn--ungestrt-s4a.net.

i have already did this but its still not working

What is not working? That description is not exactly helpful.

Well, the record is there

nslookup -type=srv _minecraft._tcp.xn--ungestrt-s4a.net roman.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  roman.ns.cloudflare.com

_minecraft._tcp.xn--ungestrt-s4a.net    SRV service location:
	  priority       = 10
	  weight         = 0
	  port           = 25565
	  svr hostname   = dc-46f32c1b2e50.xn--ungestrt-s4a.net

yes i know that but i can’t connect to the server in minecraft client and it doesn’t ping the server

That 116 address does respond to a ping. If Minecraft does not connect you’ll need to clarify this in a Minecraft forum, the DNS record on Cloudflare is in place.

This is really confusing because when I connect the Doamin to their service at my domain provider everything works

From a Cloudflare perspective you have set it up and the server responds to pings.

very confusing but thank you

The server also responds on the given port


if I connect via xn--ungestrt-s4a.net it is not possible via ungestört.net

That depends on your client and whether it supports IDNs.

Hm okey but already thanks for your help

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