I need help with the host records logs

Hi, so I’ve just started using cloudflare for my website. when the time for the DNS setup came, I accidentally deleted the A element of my website and replaced it with “”. When I made my website work, it did not work because of a host error. I asked namecheap for help and they said that the “” wasn’t the correct host record. In my desperation I even added my own IP to see if it would work and it didn’t. Namecheap as a solution told me to ask here in cloudflare for the host records logs so I could add it back to my website. So that’s what I’m asking here so any staff please help me! My ticket number is: 2343536

Hi @user17349,

Cloudflare Staff won’t be able to disclose information like that on the forum.

You can most likely find the old value yourself in the Audit Log with a process similar to this. Just look for edits instead of deletes.

If you can’t, your host should be able to help by telling you the server IP for your website.


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