I need help with my website and DNS records

how can I change my website from http://IP/server/* to web.domain.de/server/*?

That can’t be done using Cloudflare. Requests to an IP address will go direct to your server and not through Cloudflare, so you’ll need to redirect or set that in your webserver configuration.

I think I don’t have a web server configuration. So I don’t know where it is. but that already worked with IP:2052 to map.domain.de

I’m not quite sure what your are saying.

If you want to create a subdomain map for example.com pointing to your IP address, you do that in your Cloudflare DNS here…

Otherwise, can you give the real request you are making and the real domain and subdomain you want to end up at.

I want to get to* when I enter web.goodmc.de. But i want that it says web.goodmc.de/server/ at the top of the search bar

Go here…

Press “Add record” and create this…

…then press “save”.

do I need to do anything else?

Make sure to install a trusted SSL certificate on your server if you don’t have one already and set your SSL/TLS mode to “Full (strict)” here…

This will ensure your site is fully secured.

You can then enable “Always use HTTPS”.

ok but how can i make it that I always connect with /server after the web.goodmc.de ?

Use a Redirect Rule here…

If you just want to redirect from the root, use this…

…or if you want to redirect everything to be under the /server directory, use this…

Thanks, it works. :=)
And i think i installed ssl certificates because my site beginns with https://

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